Seller testimonials:

“I had about given up on finding an acceptable buyer for my practice before I met David Akins. For 5 years we had looked at a variety of potential buyers without finding a practice that we felt we could honestly recommend to our clients. David took the time to understand our client base. The buyer he brought us was a great match for our philosophy. He got us full price for our practice. The buyer couldn’t be happier.”
David Milam, Georgia
“When I made the decision to try to sell my business and ease into retirement, I had no idea how to go about this or how to value my business. David took all the worry and angst away! He quickly analyzed my practice, promoted it and within a month, I had five offers! It was a breeze! Thank you, David!”
Joyce Peacock, Tennessee
“Believe it or not, I am about to wrap up the 3rd year of my agreement (to work part-time) with the new owner, so am working my way physically out of the office and will start to work from home for any future work I continue to do. I would be glad to be a reference.”
Linda Dale, Florida
“Things went great! The sale went great. I worked part-time for the new owner and averaged around 25 hrs. per week during the busy season.”
Leonard Marsocci, Florida

Buyer testimonials:

“I worked with David in 2015 on an accounting practice acquisition. This acquisition included a building purchase as well. I found David to be highly insightful, honest and proactive throughout the process. That, coupled with his friendly and family-oriented approach to business were incredibly helpful from beginning to end. This is my second practice acquisition utilizing a broker but my first with David. David will be my first choice going forward.”
Chad McKinney, Tennessee
“…David answered my calls and questions to help facilitate the deal for my practice in Marietta. It helps that he has personally been a firm owner and has acquired small firms and understands that each transaction is different and requires experience to get a deal closed. I plan to use David on my next purchase.”
Chris Mathis, Georgia