Preparation when selling your firm

Like the Boy Scout motto says: Be Prepared!
What every firm should have available when presenting their business for sale.
The following is not a comprehensive list but certainly has the major items that prospective buyers will […]

Don’t ignore the visual aspects when selling your firm

Visual aspects when selling your firm can either make or break you
I remember the last accounting firm I purchased when I was in practice. The firm was profitable. I thought it would enhance our existing […]

Is Your Firm Really Worth One Times Annual Receipts?

Is One Times Annual Receipts a myth?

Often, I have heard sellers state that their firm is worth one times annual receipts. Sometimes this is true, but it’s not the best way to measure the value of […]

Considering Selling Your Firm? Here’s what you need to know!

When selling your firm, remember these 7 points!
When selling your firm remember the old saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”. This is true particularly in marketing your firm for sale.

Below […]

6 Ways We Work to Maintain Confidentiality

When buying or selling a CPA, Enrolled Agent, Tax or Accounting firm, confidentiality is the most important aspect of the entire transaction. Working with Akins Professional Brokerage enhances confidentiality.

If word gets out that you are […]

Why You’ll Want to do Business With Us!

When selecting a business broker there are things you should consider. Of course, you want professionalism, experience and knowledge, but we go above and beyond those basic qualities. Our reputation and understanding of the accounting […]

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