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The Professional Advantage

Contacting Akins Professional Brokerage is the first step in selling your practice or buying your next firm. With years of experience in the field, we are a licensed brokerage company that provides specialized services exclusively to CPA, accounting and tax practices. And thanks to our proven expertise, we help find the best match for both the buyer and the seller.

As experienced intermediaries for privately owned business sales, mergers and acquisitions, we help avoid pitfalls and make the entire process easier. The services we provide include finding prospects, interviewing interested parties, assisting in negotiations, locating funding sources, structuring transitions, and assisting in the preparation of offers and counteroffers. Our professionals provide prompt, individual attention to our clients.

Our reputation and experience help us draw from an extensive list of individuals and companies that have expressed an interest in the acquisition or merger of accounting firms to grow their business or to begin anew with their own practice.

David Akins, President and Managing Broker of the firm, offers a unique perspective as a buyer, a seller and a broker. A former practice owner who grew his business through several acquisitions, Mr. Akins offers sensible and innovative methods for meeting the objectives of both parties.

Just as important, there are no upfront or hidden fees involved in our services, and communications remain strictly confidential. Whether you seek to buy or sell a practice, take advantage of all the professionalism that Akins Professional Brokerage has to offer. Contact us today to learn more.
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